Ideas - eolic, geothermal and hydro?

Quale fonte di produzione energetica ? Eolica, Geotermica o Idroelettrica?

One of our biggest tasks concerning CO2 neutrality is finding new ways to produce steam. Our current method is based on liquid gas which causes high amounts of CO2 emissions when burned.

Up to now, we considered different alternatives which we want to present in the following:



The use of eolic energy is highly sustainable because it converts wind energy via windmills into electrical energy which we can use in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, we neither have the space at Braies nor the government permission to build a windmill. Besides, we are primarily looking for an alternative way of heating, not for another way of electricity production. That is why a windmill does not address our main problem.


Geothermal energy production is based on the heat which exists in the earth’s core – and any layer of the earth as well.

As opposed to the general opinion, we don’t need any geysers or volcanos to create a heating system based on geothermic. For the heating of our offices and shop the technology (collecting heat from the ground and compressing it until 20-25 degrees Celsius are reached) would fit very well. But as we need way higher temperatures, up to 150 degrees, in the production process of our products, we had to doff the idea.


Solar energy is, when applicable, the smartest and cheapest solution for energy and heat production. It is very sustainable, needs very poor work after the installation, and is considered as one of the greenest energy sources.

Unfortunately, the geographical location of Alpe Pragas (in the middle of shadow-creating mountains in a snowy area) and the space consumption of a solar plant make a change towards solar energy and heat impossible.

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