Seasonal fruit preserves

Our seasonal fruit preserves cannot be missing from the gourmet choice of fruit preserves. Each one is a dream because it perfectly evokes the season to which it is dedicated. They surprise every palate with their accent of colour, aroma and taste. In our fruit preserve „Summer Dream“ the scent of summer dominates. Our „Winter Dream„ recalls winter flavours. The „Christmas Dream“ celebrates Christmas. The seasonal fruit preserves with a content of 75% fruit are without artificial additives, as required by the best "artisanal jam" recipes of the past.

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Alpe Pragas, Sogno estivo 335g
The original
Summer dream 335g
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Seasonal fruit preserves

Ingredients: 75 % pure fruit, little sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin (from apple)

Storage information: 24 months from production, store in a cool and dry place

Ideal consumption: spread on bread, with muesli, for brunch or simply eaten by the spoon

After opening: store in the fridge and enjoy within 14 days

Added value: high fruit content, no artificial additives, low calorie content

Did you actually know?

Why we at Alpe Pragas always talk about fruit preserves and not jams or marmalades? The reason is that jams have a lower fruit content of a maximum of 45%. The term marmalade should only be used for products containing citrus fruit. Fruit preserves, have a fruit content of at least 65% and also very little sugar. At Alpe Pragas we produce fruit preserves.