Welcome to the heart of the Dolomites

Where experience meets innovation and goodness meets refinement, Stefan Gruber certainly has something to do with it.

Alpe Pragas was founded in 1997 with the idea of processing first-rate fruit, creating exclusive finished products of the highest quality.

Finest Fruits: our philosophy for over 20 years

At the heart of our philosophy are the excellent basic ingredients transformed into extraordinary products that do not require any
kind of artificial additive. We want to be considered among the best “fruit refiners”, constantly in search of new horizons and innovations and to show respect for the resources we have been given, in order to preserve the world as it is for future generations.

Our history

1978 Stefan Gruber was a lover of nature from his earliest years, growing up on the family farm among herds of cows and green pastures. However, his main interest was not the cattle grazing in the fields but the fruit growing in the orchard.

1997 The first raspberry and strawberry preserves under the Alpe Pragas brand were produced in the Dobbiaco workshop and sold in speciality shops in the Puster Valley.

2003 Alpe Pragas set up its own production plant in Braies! The new workshop opened at the end of 2003.

2010 We expanded our production facility and gave it the appearance it still has today.

Today Alpe Pragas is proud to look back on the last twenty years of success. Today, the family company employs 13 workers and produces around 100 different products, ranging from preserves to chutneys and smoothies, and supplies high-end catering and hotel, as well as selected shops in Italy and another 15 countries worldwide.

The Alpe Pragas team

Alpe Pragas is the result of a team of special people who work on success with passion, respect and cooperation, always keeping an eye on precision and quality. This is the only way to create “fruit delights”.

Stefan and Karoline

Stefan Gruber - CEO, founder and innovative soul of Alpe Pragas

Karoline Resch - Marketing Specialist & Shop Manager

Sales and customer service

Chiara , Paul and Margit guarantee competence and professionalism in sales and customer service.

Production and quality control

Stefan, Achim and Hansjörg work in the processing of the raw material, in the quality control and in the production to garantee the best fruit delights.

Packaging and shipping

Maria, Edith and Erika ensure a clean and inviting working environment, help with fruit preparation and prepare our fruit delights environmentally friendly and perfect for shipping.