From the seeds of the past - the fruits of the future

We are 100% convinced of our quality philosophy: Products with a high fruit content and without any artificial additives: no preservatives, no colourants, no artificial flavours! This is the cornerstone of the philosophy to which we remain true from over 20 years.We started with the basic idea of ​​only processing fruit from our own cultivation. In the meantime we haveour fruits and suppliers who deliver us the highest quality fruits and which are processed by us - so we can offer a more interesting range.

From cultivation to harvesting: a handmade art

The Dolomites, Lake Braies, a territory that farmers have moulded with their own hands: at Alpe Pragas we recognise the value of nature and we are grate- ful for what it gives us. In the surrounding fields grow plants treated with care and love, and which reward us with top quality berries. Each stage of processing, from selection to preparation, is carried out with passion and expertise by our staff, ensuring a final product of excellence.

Time: a crucial factor of quality

Because only when the fruits are given the right time to ripen do they develop their full flavour. This is fundamental for us at ALPE PRAGAS. For the berries that grow in our fields and the fruits provided by our partners, the best quality is the number one criterion.

Innovative production with respect for nature

When our fruit has reached just the right maturity, it is carefully picked by hand and begins its journey to our manufactory. Here the expert hands of our conscientious operators ensure the selection, washing, removal of any stones and cutting. We heat the fruit to 70°C and cook it gently under vacuum for a few minutes. In this way, vitamins and aromas are preserved and we obtain a wonderful fruity taste with 75% fruit. Packaging takes place in glass jars, subjected to delicate pasteurization to guarantee maximum freshness and preservation.

Labeling and packaging

Once the glass containers have cooled, they must be dried rapidly. This is necessary to keep the glass nice and bright and to avoid traces of drops of water on the surface. They are then labelled. The label must contain all the information required by law including the manufacturer, the weight, the expiry date and of course the name of the product with its ingredients, but also the nutritional values to provide information about the quantity of calories.