Hugo appetizer - alto adige's recipe

Hugo - L'aperitivo di Alpe Pragas


3-4 cl Alpe Pragas Elderflower Syrup
5 Mint leaves
150 ml Prosecco, Brut or Bubbly Wine
A little sparkling water


Put 5 mint leaves in a glass and crush them gently, for them to free the aroma.
Then, pour the Alpe Pragas Elderflower syrup, Prosecco, and sparkling water.
If you like, it is possible to add a slice of lemon or lime.
Add some ice cubes. Mix well and serve. 

Glass: Chalice
Decorations: Mint leaves
Time for consumption: Appetizer
Mixing technique: Mixing
Special added ingredient: Some good company


Did you know that: Hugo is a slightly alcoholic appetizer, originally from Alto Adige, but already spread in all North Italy, Austria, Swiss, Germany, and Croatia.

It is famous for its taste and ease of preparation!

Originally, the classic Prosecco chalice, was flavored with mint and lemon balm syrup, but today the very fragrant elderflower syrup is used.

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