Waste management

Our focus regarding waste management is on plastics, which cause significant damage to the environment and is not compostable.

We desire to completely nullify the application of single-use plastics, to decrease the amount of waste. In contrast, we see a significant value regarding plastic products that are used in circular systems.

Furthermore, the reduction of paper and cardboard waste is a significant topic. We have applied different measures until now, to reutilize a big amount of these incoming materials for our packaging and disposal.

Active role

To decrease the amount of waste at Alpe Pragas, we have different steps to fulfill:

1. Reduction of raw material use;

2. Scan of quality and environmental impacts of the used materials and (if possible) substitution with alternatives – preferably organic or circular-use ones;

3. Enhance reuse and recycling;

4. Avoid the creation of composite materials for an easier recovery.

Sustainable recycled packaging

We are very proud to present our plastic-free packaging.

Since we discovered the shredder material, thanks to our shredding machine, it is now possible to shred the incoming parcels' cardboards and reuse them as filling material.

This technology allows us to have a valid alternative for plastic-based filling materials and decrease our expenses not only regarding materials but financially as well.