Logistics optimization

Our ultimate goal and dream is to achieve carbon neutrality throughout our value chain.

However, as we are a relatively small company, our ability to influence our partners and the general structure of the supply chain is very limited. Nevertheless, we are trying to initiate change with our resources.

Our goal is to obtain clear and verified information about the amount of CO2 we produce, so that we have an accurate picture of how and where we need to improve our supply chain and shipping. As a final option, this also allows us to offset the unavoidable emissions.

Active role

To build this specific knowledge, we are collaborating to collect information regarding all the delivery emissions for private customers until March 2022. Also, we are internally researching all the routes our suppliers made in 2020, considering as well, the number of delivered products and number of deliveries. We want to find potential points for optimization and improve the delivery system.


In the future, the aim is an optimization in the transportation network, cut any unnecessary waste, and enhance collaboration with sustainable transportation companies. The final step is the creation of a clear understanding of this part of our value chain.