Strengthening Local Economies

Regional structures help us to reach the aim of becoming an ECO manufactory.

Thanks to these entities, on the one hand, it is possible to save possible emissions because of the shorter transportation routes. On the other hand, it strengthens regional structures and the South-Tyrolean economy.

Because of this proximity to our suppliers, we were able to build strong relationships with them, which results in the high and constant quality of our raw materials.

Furthermore, since Alpe Pragas' suppliers are located only within the EU, we can rest assured that all our suppliers follow the EU high production standards.

Active role

Our strive then is to strengthen such bonds around the territory, together with enlarging and increasing our collaboration both financially and with mutual support.

Today, mostly EU located suppliers

At the moment Alpe Pragas, striving to maintain its high standards, only supplies the raw materials not produced in-house within EU countries.

Thanks to the certifications and high-standard production requirements imposed by the EU, the quality can be assured. Thanks to that, all of the raw materials for our products come from within 500 km from Braies, mostly from the rest of Italy, Austria, and Germany.