Cornel cherry Syrup 500ml

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Cornel cherry syrup - The cornel cherry, occurring as a shrub or tree, is not closely related to the cherries, but its fruits have an intense, cherry-like aroma. It is harvested from August to October. Deliciously refreshing, also in combination with a glass of white wine as an aperitif.


Ingredients: Cornel Cherry juice (50%), sugar, lemon juice.

Average nutritional values per 100g:

  • Energy: 996 kJ / 227 kcal
  • Fat: < 0,5 g
  • of which saturates: < 0,1 g
  • Carbohydrates: 56 g
  • of which sugar: 56 g
  • Protein: 1,0 g
  • Salt: 0 g

Store unopened in a cool and dry place. 

After opening store in the refrigerator at 4 °C and enjoy within 2 weeks.

Fruit syrups are in the ratio 1:7 diluted with water.

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