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Jams and Fruit preserve

Jams and Fruits preserves

Fresh, fruity, genuine! That’s what our FRUIT PRESERVES are like. And of course, with the highest quality ingredients and without colourings or preservatives! As demanded by the old recipes still in vogue, our fruit preserves are not only delicious, but also low-calorie.

Starting the day like this is a real LUXURY!



INGREDIENTS: 75 % pure fruit, sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent: apple pectin

PRESERVABILITY: 24 months from production, store in a cool, dark place

IDEAL CONSUMPTION: to be spread on bread or with muesli,

for brunch or to be enjoyed simply from the spoon

AFTER OPENING: keep in the refrigerator and use within 14 days

ADDED VALUE: high fruit content, low sugar, no artificial additives, low calories


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